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Drilling Games

There are so many very cool drilling games and oil games available free online! In this article, I wanted to take a look at some of the most popular and fun drilling games and review them in more detail. As we work on our own Well Control simulator game focused on Kick Detection, we wanted to take a look at the other games out there.
I’m going to play all these oil games so that you don’t have to. Excited? Let’s go
Here are the drilling games I am planning to review in the coming days:

1. Maersk’s Quest For Oil

It seems to suggest that this is going to include many parts of the oil and gas lifecycle, including exploration. There is also a great “High Scores” section that shows people from all over the world. Congratulations Mohammed Essam for a time of 4.08. Seconds? Minutes? We’ll find out soon.
Platform: Accessible on Windows and Macs, but you have to download it first. 100MB.

2. Wonderville’s Time To Drill

Once again fantastic premise for a game- using drilling simulation and a virtual drilling world to teach kids how the drilling and exploration process works. Wonderville itself seems like a fantastic site that uses games, activities, videos, and comics to teach students fundamental science concepts.
Platform: Accessible online with Flash, so should work on any browser or operating system but not on the iPad or iPhone

3. Oiligarchy

Hosted on good old AddictingGames.com, this game seems to be a lot less technical and much more about making some good old fashioned money. But it seems to be one of the most popular drilling games, so let’s give it a whirl.
Platform: Accessible online; does not seem to be accessible on mobile devices yet.

4. License to Drill’s Tunnel Runner

On this list because License To Drill is a fascinating, and popular, documentary about drilling rig workers in Canada. Surely, the game must be pretty cool as well!
Platform: iPad/iPhone, Android, and online. Pretty much all devices covered!

5. Virtual OilWell

This game has just a fantastic introductory story that it makes you want to buy a drilling rig and become a driller! Your incredible Aunt Thibodeaux left you with the opportunity of a lifetime to strike oil and make it rich.
Platform: Uses Java, but seems to be an old version so I can’t get this to work yet. I will be really unhappy if I can’t play!

6. Oil Empire

Another oil game with much greater aspirations than just drilling.
Platform: Makes you create an account with BigPoint and then seems to be only PC/Mac based

7. Oil God

This is a truly fascinating game, even though it is pretty dissimilar to the other games we are taking a look at. As an “Oil God”, your goal is to devastate the globe’s energy supplies to double gasoline prices. Let’s be honest, that should be pretty easy in today’s day and age, but this is a cool game to learn about energy geopolitics.
Platform: Flash-based, so will work on most devices but not the iPad/iPhone