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In Oil and gas industry, you may search a lot to get advice from an expert. You may use Linkedin groups, Facebook groups, or any social media. But to be sure that you have got the correct answer, it will be difficult on social media. Here comes the drilling forum role.

The experience in the oilfield makes a difference. You may get into a situation for the first time. But surely, this situation has already happened before with someone else. The problem is to find this one and ask him about the proper solution.

This is the simple definition of the benefits of having contact with an expert.

Drilling Forum For Experience Change

drilling forum

In the drilling manual website, we believe that the SPREAD forum is the only solution for such a problem. Spread has over 2300 active members and 6400+ individual replies to almost 1400 Discussions. You can say that each discussion you will open will have at least five quality answers. SPREAD is the first and last place you could go to ask and be sure of the answer.

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Still here? OK, we’ll show you a bit more, and you can decide.

This drilling forum started with a core team of supporters covering all main specialist areas involved in drilling, exploration, completion, subsea, and abandonment of wells. Over time, the SPREAD group has expanded and includes technical members working with the top oil and gas companies.

Thanks to Dave Taylor and his father before him, it is free to use and always will be.

SPREAD – Drilling Forum Divisions

Drilling Fluids
1. Cementing and Zonal Isolation
2. Solids Control
3. Formation damage
4. Selection/Design of mud
5. Fluid Properties/Components
1. Tubing Stress
2. Completion Equipment
3. Sand control
4. Horizontal / ERD wells
5. Multi-Laterals
6. Safety Issues
7. Perforating
8. Multi-phase Flow
9. Completion Fluids
10. Artificial Lift
Well Control – Drilling Forum
1. Barrier Philosophy
2. Bullhead Well Control Methods
3. Circulation Kill
4. Detection and Causes of Kicks
5. Relief Wells
6. Well Integrity Issues
7. Well Bore Damage
8. Well Control Equipment
9. Bullhead
10. Volumetric Kill
Drilling Operations Forum
1. Sidetracking
2. Stuck-pipe
3. Milling
4. Hole Problems
Data Acquisition
1. Well Testing and Sampling
2. FWFD Selection
3. Wireline Logging
4. Look Ahead Seismic
5. Subsurface Geophysics
6. Vert. Seismic Profile
7. Permanent Monitoring
8. Coring Methods
1. Cementing Tools
2. Running Casing
3. Displacement
4. Plugback
5. Cements
6. Two Stage –
7. Single Stage
8. Liner Running & Cementing
Well Services Drilling Forum
1. Coiled Tubing Tools
2. Rig Specification
3. Subsea Workover
Drilling Equipment
Drill String Design69382
Drilling & Completion64270
Training and Competency
Recommended training courses. Needing advice on course on a specific topic.
DWOP Comments
comments on DWOP
Drilling Software forum
Evaluate and comment on existing Drilling Software as to the utility, ease of use, etc. 1. Existing: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other 2. Desired: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other
Subsea Engineering and Systems825
New Technologies1836
Drilling Platform maintenance issues
Safety issues. Stop/ Go cards.
Health and Safety Issues
Rig Specific & Surveys27102

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