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Marsh Funnel Viscosity Test Procedure

Marsh Funnel Viscosity Test Procedure
March Funnel

The following Marsh funnel viscosity test procedure is used for measuring funnel viscosity for  Water Based MudOil Based Mud or completion fluid:

1.  Check that the narrow discharge tube at the base of the funnel is clear.

2.   Hold the Marsh Funnel upright, place a finger over the discharge tube and use a mud cup to fill the funnel until level with the wire-mesh screen, using the wire-mesh screen to remove larger particles that might block the narrow discharge tube.

3.   Hold the Marsh Funnel above an empty mud cup remove the finger covering the discharge tube and record the time taken to fill the mud cup with 1 quart (946 ml) mud.

4.  Record the Funnel Viscosity as the time taken in seconds. The mud temperature is often recorded at the same time since temperature changes will often account for viscosity changes.

5.   Wash the Marsh Funnel after use, making sure the narrow discharge   tube is clean.

Calibration checks should be made periodically, using the procedure detailed above, by filling the Marsh Funnel with fresh water and recording the time to discharge 1 quart of water, which should take 26 seconds ± 0.5 seconds for water at 21°C ± 3°C.

Video Explaining How To Use March Funnel


The Marsh Funnel viscosity represents the time in seconds that it takes a quart of fluid (1500 mL) to flow out of a cone via a short cylinder into a graduated cup. Marsh funnel viscosity is a direct indication of the overall viscosity of drilling mud. The standard Marsh funnel viscosity of water is approximately 26 s.

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