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Baker Hughes is one of the leading service companies that are working in the oilfield. They are offering many services including manufacturing and supplying oilfield drilling bits. Here in this article, we shall introduce to you two versions of Baker Hughes Christensen Drill Bits Spec Sheets & Catalog PDF to download. We also have gathered the drilling bits brochures from their official website. We advise you to read more about drilling bit selection process.

Baker Hughes Drilling Bit Spec Sheets Catalogue

drill bits product lines


Baker Hughes has always prided itself in offering the most valuable to their customer via a mixture of product performance and service. To better provide the right drilling solution for their client’s specific applications they offer three levels of product line, each designed to a combination of a well’s situation, cost (check also drilling cost per foot), and client expectations. They said that their goal is to introduce a wide range of drilling bit designs and services that provide the best value across the full market spectrum of customer needs.

  • Firstly, Baker Hughes Platinum Line: Superior performance in difficult applications
  • Secondly, Baker Hughes Classic Line: Field-proven, competitive technology
  • Thirdly, Baker Hughes Standard Line Economic performance in less challenging conditions
baker hughes drill bits product lines comparison


  1. Application Engineering
    1. Application Engineering
    2. Oasis Certification
    3. Drill Bit Optimization
    4. Drillability Analyses
    5. Knowledge Management
  2. Innovation and Technology
    1. Solid Modeling Design
    2. FEA Finite Element Analysis
    3. Materials Research
    4. Drilling Technology Laboratory
    5. BETA Baker Hughes Experimental Test Area
    6. Product Evaluation Laboratory
  3. Diamond Drag bits Products
    1. Product Line – Nomenclature
    2. Platinum Bits
    3. Classic Bits
    4. Standard Bits
    5. Specialty Products
    6. Specifications
    7. Diamond Optional Features
  4. Tricone Bit Products
    1. Product Line
    2. Platinum Bits
    3. Classic Bits
    4. Standard Bits
    5. Special Application Bits
    6. Technical Data – Nomenclature
    7. Size and Weight
    8. IADC Bit Classification
    9. Technical Data
    10. Tricone Optional Features
  5. Sales and Terms
    1. Sales Offices
    2. Terms and Conditions

Baker Hughes Drill Bits Specs Sheets Technical Data

The Baker Hughes Drilling Bits Specs Sheet Catalogue provides also technical data for their drilling bits including the following:

  • Nomenclature
  • Product features & enhancement.
  • Tolerances.
  • Bearing and performance packages.
  • API casing and bit sizes.
  • Breakout plates.
technical data
drill bits bearing and performance packages

They have also gathered all their drilling bits products (size and weight specs sheets) in their catalogs as seen in the below figure.

casing and bit sizes

Baker Hughes Drilling Bits IADC Classifications

In Baker Hughes Spec Sheet Catalogue for drilling bits, we have found that they have collected their bits, classified them according to the IADC bit classification system, and put it all in one table to help drilling engineers pick the most applicable drilling bit to their situation.

Baker Hughes drill Bit Spec Sheets IADC

Download Baker Hughes drill Bit Spec Sheets Catalog PDF

Please click below to download Drilling Bit Specs Sheets PDF Catalogue For Baker Hughes. But as we found 2 versions of this catalog, I prefer that you download both and

You can also download the specs sheets for Apple phones from below link

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Other Bit brochures From the official website of Baker Hughes

Ref : Baker Hughes Official Website & drill bits catalog pdf

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