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Well Control – CAMERON U II Blowout Preventer

CAMERON U II Blowout Preventer

cameron u ii bop

The Cameron U II BOP takes all of the features of the U blowout preventer and adapts them for subsea use in the 18-3/4-10,000 and 15,000 psi WP sizes.

Like all other Cameron preventers, the preventer rams in the U II BOP are pressure energized. Wellbore pressure acts on the rams to increase the sealing force and maintain the seal in case of hydraulic pressure loss.

Seal integrity is actually improved by increased well bore pressure.

Other features of the U II BOP include:

  • Internally ported hydraulic stud tensioning system ensures that stud loading is consistently accurate and even.
  • Bonnet seal carrier is available to eliminate the need for high makeup torque on bonnet studs and nuts.
  • Hydraulically operated locking mechanisms, wedgelocks, lock the ram hydraulically and hold the rams mechanically closed even when actuating pressure is released. The operating system can be interlocked using sequence caps to ensure that the wedgelock is retracted before pressure is applied to open the BOP
  • A pressure balance chamber is used with the wedgelocks to eliminate the possibility of the wedgelock becoming unlocked due to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Other features include hydraulically opening bonnets, forged  body and a wide selection of rams to meet all applications.
Cameron UII BOP Components
Cameron UII BOP Components