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This drilling fluid engineer, who is also called a mud engineer, works with any drilling mud (saline, biopolymer, oil-based mud, etc.), monitors compliance with drilling technology using drilling fluids, determines the need for chemical reagents, drilling mud components necessary to fulfill the customer’s planned tasks, controls their distribution and rational use. This article will discuss what a mud engineer does, his salary, and where you find job vacancies.

General Provisions

Mud Engineer Salary
  1. An engineer for drilling fluids and special fluids belonging to the category of specialists is hired and dismissed by order of the head of the organization.
  1. In his activities, drilling fluids (mud) and special fluids engineer is guided by:
    • Regulatory documents on the work performed;
    • Methodological materials related to relevant issues;
    • The charter of the organization;
    • Labor regulations;
    • Orders and instructions of the head of the organization (direct manager)

The average monthly mud engineer salary in USA is 10,180 USD

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  1. In drilling fluids and specialty fluids, engineers should know the following:
    1. Normative legal acts, other guiding, methodological, and normative materials of higher authorities concerning the conduct of clay economy;
    2. Geological structure of the fields being drilled and the basics of drilling operations;
    3. Mud engineers should be aware of the fundamentals of general inorganic and colloidal chemistry;
    4. Physicochemical characteristics of the used weighting agents and chemical reagents;
    5. Methods of measuring all parameters of drilling fluids and special fluids and used measuring instruments;
    6. Water-based drilling fluid test procedures
    7. Oil-based drilling fluid test procedures
    8. Consumption rates and rules for storing materials;
    9. Fundamentals of economics, organization of production, labor and management;
    10. Fundamentals of labor legislation;
    11. Advanced farming experience;
    12. Rules and norms of labor protection and fire safety.
Drilling Fluids / Mud Engineer jobs on rig
  1. During the absence of an engineer for drilling fluids and special fluids, his duties are performed in accordance with the established procedure by an appointed deputy, who bears full responsibility for their proper performance.

The average monthly mud engineer salary in Canada is 8417 USD

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Job Responsibilities

To perform the functions assigned to him, the drilling fluids and special fluids engineer must:

  1. To select the formulation of drilling and special fluids, considering the geological and technical order requirements.
  2. Provide all assistance to drilling engineers to prepare the drilling mud program.
  3. To make changes to the technical documentation in connection with the change in the technology of preparation and processing of drilling fluids and special fluids.
  4. To make control measurements of the parameters of drilling fluids and special fluids and set the timing of their implementation in accordance with the geological and technical conditions of well drilling.
  5. Monitor the condition and quality of drilling fluids and special fluids during drilling.
  6. Ensure correct and timely handling of drilling fluids and special fluids during drilling.
  7. To develop and implement measures to improve the solution’s preparation, processing, and weighting.
  8. Mud engineers must analyze weighting materials and chemicals consumption by drilling intervals.
  9. Monitor the condition of instrumentation and cleaning devices at the drilling rig.
  10. To instruct drilling crews in the processing of drilling fluids and special fluids.
  11. Monitor compliance with safety regulations in the clay industry service.
  12. Supervise the work of laboratory assistants for chemical analysis of drilling fluids and special fluids.
  13. Maintain established records and reporting.
  14. Provide assistance and cooperate with the employer in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, immediately inform the immediate supervisor about each case of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, and emergencies that threaten health and life for him and others, and discover deficiencies and violations of safety labor.
  15. Take the necessary measures to limit the development of an emergency and its elimination, provide first aid to the victim, and take measures to call an ambulance, emergency services, or fire brigade.

The average monthly mud engineer salary in United Arab Emirates is 7213 USD

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An engineer for drilling fluids and special fluids has the right to:

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  1. To get acquainted with the draft decisions of the organization’s management concerning its activities.
  2. Submit proposals for improving the work related to the responsibilities in this job description for the management’s consideration.
  3. Inform the immediate drilling supervisor about all deficiencies in the production activities of the organization (its structural divisions) identified during their duties and make proposals for their elimination.
  4. Request, personally or on behalf of a direct supervisor, from the heads of the organization’s divisions and specialists information and documents necessary to perform their official duties.
  5. To involve specialists from all (individual) structural divisions in solving the tasks assigned to him (if this is provided for by the provisions on structural divisions; if not, then with the permission of the management).
  6. Require the organization’s management to assist in performing their duties and rights.
  7. Finally, he should participate in discussing labor protection issues submitted for consideration at meetings (conferences) of the labor collective (trade union organization).

What Does a Mud Engineer Do

  1. Also, a drilling fluid engineer controls the drilling fluid preparation technology in the Brigades, issues recommendations on the selection of optimal operating modes for all stages of cleaning fluid, and monitors the parameters of the biopolymer fluid following work plans, approximate geological and technical data, and regulations for the preparation and use of fluid systems when drilling wells.
  2. In addition, he should provide the necessary reports in the form of the Customer on the total and average consumption of chemical reagents for the preparation and treatment of the solution, a report on the implementation of the norms for the consumption of chemical reagents.
  3. Mud Engineer also controls the technology of preparation of drilling mud. Monitors the operation of the drilling mud cleaning system. Participates in optimizing the operating modes of cleaning equipment and flushing liquids.
  4. Carries out technical training with engineering and technical workers of the Brigades on correctly operating cleaning systems and flushing fluids when drilling wells.
  5. Gives recommendations for treating drilling mud with reagents and components of drilling fluids.

Other Job Responsibilities

  1. Firstly, he recommends replacing drilling fluid in the crews to maintain optimal parameters and properties of the drilling fluid systems.
    Monitors the observance of labor discipline by employees, rules, instructions for the safe conduct of work, and technological regulations, and ensures safe working practices.
  2. Carefully treats the property of the customer and ensures its safety.
  3. In addition, he protects information constituting official and commercial secrets, personal data, the confidentiality of information related to the Customer’s activities, and access obtained in connection with their official duties.
  4. Complies with the requirements for non-disclosure of confidential information about the personal data of the Customer’s employees.
  5. Complies with the labor protection and fire safety requirements established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as regulatory documents on labor protection and fire safety of the Customer.

Mud Engineer Salary

Mud Engineer Average Salary differs from country to country. The table below shows the yearly and monthly average mud engineer salary for many countries.

CountryAverage Salary Per Year
National Currency / Year
Average Gross Salary Per Year
Monthly Average Salary
United States122,163122,16310,180
United Kingdom65,00089,0507,421
United Arab Emirates320,58186,5577,213
Saudi Arabia
(Saudi Arabia Oil History)
South Africa781,48253,1414,428

Mud Engineer Job Vacancies

Generally, one of the several common means for mud engineers to reveal Job vacancies is through job search sites. There are centuries of online oil and gas job boards, apps, social media channels, networking groups, and recruiting agencies’ websites.

The great news is they offer plenty of listings. The sad news? You can be puzzled by the large-scale variety of choices.

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You could also check our list of the top 25 Drilling Fluid Companies to submit your resume and follow the job openings for mud engineers.

Below, we will provide the top websites that provide mud engineer job vacancies in the oil and gas field:


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