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List Of 25 Drilling Fluids Companies Data In One Place

In Drilling engineering, drilling fluid, also called drilling mud, is used by oil and gas companies to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling rigs (Check also types of drilling rigs), drilling fluids are also used for much simpler boreholes, such as water wells. One of the functions of drilling mud is to carry cuttings out of the hole.

In this article, we gathered for you a list of 25 drilling fluids companies’ data found on the internet. Of course, there will be more and we will update this post from time to time to help any researcher for drilling fluid companies’ data. Also, you might be interested in our oil and gas companies list as we have gathered 100 companies that work in oilfields on the simple list to download.

1 Baroid – Halliburton


Baroid - Halliburton

Website: https://www.halliburton.com/en-US/ps/baroid/drilling/drilling-fluids-solutions/default.html

Custom drilling fluid company solutions

No two resource plays or even wellbores are the same. There is of course learning to be gained from similar situations, but that does not mean you can adopt a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we chose to invest in the people, processes, and technology to drilling engineer and customize drilling fluid solutions for every specific well.

More accurate planning and monitoring

Besides our fluids systems and chemistries, we as a drilling fluid company have made significant investments in digital technology in order to gather and analyze data and respond more proactively. These technologies help us to not only alleviate problems as they arise but better yet, predict and avoid them all together.

Risk mitigation and safety

The rigor and thoroughness of our mainstay processes, an adaptation of digital technology, and focus on engineering fluid solutions customized to local conditions help us to manage risk and improve safety at your well site.

Increase your performance

Our industry-leading technologies, customized approach, and rigorous process have been developed for any resource play, anywhere in the world.  Once the fluid solution has been customized, the process focuses on proactive monitoring and continual improvement to optimize drilling performance.

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2 Baker Hughes


Baker Hughes (Drilling mud Company)

Website: www.bakerhughes.com

Intelligent Fluids Solutions from Baker Hughes are designed and engineered to help you optimize drilling performance. Working with us, you’ll gain access to technologies, analysis and design services, and expert application assistance that deliver serious performance and profitability benefits.

Drill clean, in-gauge holes.

Whether you’re drilling offshore or onshore, our engineered fluid systems help you build out your wellbore more quickly and confidently.

Use fluids fine-tuned for your formation.

Work with our fluids engineers to design a drilling fluid that is tailored to your rock formations, clays, and other minerals that might interfere with your drilling progress.

Manage waste with less worry.

Overcome the environmental challenges of storing, using, and safely disposing of spent fluids with our fluid environmental services.

Let’s work together to develop an Intelligent Fluids Solution that will optimize your drilling performance and maximize the long-term value of your oil and gas wells.

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3 M-I SWACO –  A Schlumberger Company For Drilling Fluid Solution

M-I SWACO Locations


Website: https://www.slb.com/companies/m-i-swaco

M-I SWACO became a Schlumberger company in 2010. Innovative drilling fluid engineers are at the company’s core, helping oil and gas operators increase efficiency and lower costs. We do this by developing drilling fluid systems and additives that accommodate a wide range of drilling environments and demanding applications—including HPHT, deepwater and ultradeep water, shale gas, heavy oil, depleted wells, and more.

Proven solutions for downhole challenges—from the simple to the complex

Specialized additives complement the efficiencies of our advanced drilling fluid systems by targeting performance-hindering downhole conditions, eliminating or minimizing the problems that drive up costs and threaten drilling program. For example, we were the first to introduce cost-effective, high-efficiency micronized barite technology to water- and oil-based drilling fluids.

Tailored fluids and additives for optimal efficiency and reduced cost

Our base fluids and additives are tailored for specific well construction applications. Custom formulation helps you maintain wellbore stability, optimize ROP, and increase overall drilling efficiency while reducing NPT and minimizing HSE footprint.

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4 Weatherford Drilling Mud Company


Weatherford Drilling Fluids Company

Website: https://www.weatherford.com/en/products-and-services/drilling/drilling-fluids-and-drilling-waste-management/fluid-systems/

Weatherford is the leading wellbore and production solutions company, providing integrated solutions across well stages and customer domains to the oil and gas industry.

We integrate trusted technologies with innovative ideas to help finish wells earlier and produce more for longer.

Oil and gas producers face unique challenges every day, so it is our job to create solutions that enhance safety, streamline operations and sustain uptime to meet or exceed their targets. We operate across the global energy landscape employing some of the best talent in the industry. Explore the pages below to learn a bit more about what we have to offer and what we stand for.

There is no fluid requirement that we can’t meet. We can fulfill most needs with a deep selection of drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids. For unique environments, our global labs are the ultimate in custom fluid systems. From aqueous to specialty systems, our fluids help you to mitigate drilling hazards (Oil Rig Hazards) and optimize bit performance and cuttings transport.

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5 NewPark Drilling Mud Company

North America | Latin America | Europe / Middle East / Africa (EMEA) | Asia Pacific (APAC)

NewPark Drilling mud Company

Website : https://www.newpark.com/drilling-fluids/

Newpark is changing the paradigm in the industries we serve, developing new ways to help customers drive operating efficiencies while working in harmony with the environment and improving community relations. We are headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, and serve markets around the world, with an established presence in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific, demonstrating our commitment to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, wherever they need us to be.

At the heart of our culture is the drive to establish our reputation as the global technical leader in  fluid systems and matting products.  In 2013, we opened our Fluids Technology Center, which serves as the focal point for the development of next-generation fluids systems technologies.  In 2015, we completed the Mats R&D Center, to support the continued advancement of our premium DURA-BASE® advanced-composite matting system, and the development of other innovative matting products as we expand into new markets and geographies.

Superior customer service quality remains a critical element of our mission and success.  We seek to help our customers around the world solve tough challenges in ways other companies cannot. Our customers rely on us to help them drive efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and meet or exceed their environmental stewardship goals

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6 Stellar Drilling Fluids Company

Houston | Midland | Oklahoma City


Website: http://www.stellardrillingfluids.com/

Stellar Drilling Fluids provides Water base and Non-Aqueous drilling fluids, drilling chemicals, specialty products, and technical expertise. We utilize a comprehensive drilling fluid reporting software to track trends of fluid properties, product concentrations, volumes, and product inventory to maintain a stable wellbore and prevent nonproductive rig time. Our hydraulics software provides modeling of downhole conditions based on current drilling mud properties and drilling practices to help with the planning and execution of the well.

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7 Drilling Fluid Technology Co

United States

Drilling Fluid Technology Company

Website: https://www.dftonline.com/

Drilling Fluids Technology has supported the oil and gas industry with a complete line of quality products and services since its inception as a mud company in 1985. DFT provides our customers with strong technical expertise and superior service through safe, cost effective application techniques.  Unlike most service companies, DFT has a complete line of complimentary products and services that can be packaged to meet our customer’s needs.

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8 Horizon Mud For Drilling Fluids Company

United States

Horizon drilling Mud Company

Website: https://www.horizonmud.com

35 years in business. Over 18,000 wells were serviced.

Horizon Mud Company is a full-service drilling fluid company headquartered in Midland, Texas with other strategic locations across the U.S.

Horizon has serviced over 18,000 wells to date. We’ve earned our reputation by being honest and accountable to our customers at every turn. And our high level of consistent, reliable service has been the hallmark of what we deliver on every well. The oil industry has gone through many challenging “boom and bust” cycles through the years, yet Horizon Mud Company has continued to be “On Call” for all – for over three decades.

Horizon Mud Company was founded in 1980 by Tony Farish. Tony continues to serve as president and CEO. His brother Ronnie Farish joined the company in 1981 and continues to serve as Vice President and COO.

At Horizon, we don’t just deliver your mud. We work alongside your drilling team every step of the way, day after day, for as long as it takes.

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Algeria | Bahrain | Chad | Egypt | India | Indonesia | Iraq | Kuwait | Libya | Oman | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | UAE


Website : https://www.nesr.com/drilling-fluids.html

National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NESR) was founded in 2017 as one of the largest national oilfield services providers in the MENA and Asia Pacific regions and was the first national company from the MENA region to be listed on the NASDAQ. With over 5,000 employees representing more than 60 nationalities in over 15 countries, NESR helps its customers unlock the full potential of its reservoirs by providing production services such as hydraulic fracturing, cementing, coiled tubing, filtration, completions, stimulation, pumping, and nitrogen services. NESR also enables its customers to access their reservoirs in a more efficient manner by providing drilling and evaluation services such as drilling downhole tools, directional drilling, fishing tools, testing services, wireline, slickline, drilling fluids, and rig services.

As the “National Champion” of MENA with operations spanning across all the major oil and gas basins in the region, NESR prides itself on delivering exceptional service and deploying optimal technical solutions to solve the challenges of its oil and gas customers, while striving to promote the economic development of the countries in which it operates.

Address: 777 Post Oak Blvd., 7th floor, Houston, TX, 77056, USA

Phone: +1.832.925.3777

E-mail: [email protected]


10 Conquest Drilling Mud Company


Website: https://www.conquestdrilling.com/

The drilling fluids products on the market today are for the most part generic in nature. In other words, the mud is the same; the difference is in the color of the sack.

What sets Conquest Drilling Fluids apart is the large team of senior engineers on our staff. When drilling a well, problems happen instantaneously and can become unmanageable rapidly. Something that is acquired only through years of experience is the ability to listen to the well and provide a proactive solution to the problem rather than a reactive one. Optimizing drilling performance and resolving a problem before it becomes a disaster is why we say “we deliver mud, but we sell service.”

This focus begins with engineering and planning. Prior to spud-in, a punch list of well problems is considered with all of the protocols needed and products delivered on location with the first spud load. This allows our engineers to be prepared, optimize performance, avoid potential problems and be ready to resolve problems as they arise.

Our management believes in a hands-on approach. Each person is involved in the preparation for the well, from the field engineer to the president of the company. Status reports on each well’s progress and performance are reviewed daily and a one-on-one consultation between field personnel and management is held. The rig doesn’t sleep and neither do we. Conquest Drilling Fluids’ engineers are on site or just a phone call away. Our customers are our number one priority and their complete satisfaction is our fundamental objective.

With Conquest, you’re not just hiring one of us; you’re hiring the whole team – from the lab research to application in the field. Our team will strive to make your well run smoothly, efficiently and help avoid costly setbacks.

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11 AES Drilling Mud Company


Website: https://www.aesfluids.com/

Leading the Drilling Fluids Market AES Drilling Fluids services the United States market, providing drilling fluids systems and products throughout major unconventional shale plays and the Gulf Coast. Our success is a result of quality products, innovative solutions, and unmatched customer service. From the well site to the customer office, AES Drilling fluids is prepared to successfully deliver on any challenging project. Customer service is central to our success.

AES strives to build and maintain relationships with our customers to stay ahead of their needs, as drilling programs grow. From single well projects to extensive drilling campaigns, the people at AES have the experience to provide products and recommendations that minimize costs. As part of the CES Energy Solutions family, AES Drilling Fluids designs and manufactures products specifically for customer needs, while ensuring product quality and reliability.

From raw materials to finished products, AES has the expertise and resources to serve our customers. AES continues to grow with the success of our customers, expanding, upgrading, and adding to our infrastructure to ensure timely delivery of critical products in the areas our customers operate.

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12 M&D Industries Drilling Fluids Company

M&D Industries Drilling Fluids Company

Website: https://www.drilllab.com/about-md/


M&D Industries Since 1978, M&D Industries of Louisiana has focused on creating drilling fluid technologies that address the unique challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with innovative products that minimize lost time and increase operational effectiveness.

For more than three decades we have worked closely with operators and technology providers, providing each of them with personal service when they needed it most – quickly defining drilling fluid scenarios, assessing current options, identifying gaps, and ultimately creating or customizing drilling fluid technologies that enabled them to reach their targets and achieve financial success.

M&D understands the engineering foundations of drilling, workover, and completion operations, and we know every well is unique, which is why we create customizable drilling fluid technologies to meet well-specific needs. When you contact M&D, we provide a solution tailored to meet your challenge, saving you time and money.

M&D’s line of products, which include additives, cement spacers, sealants, and other high-tech, customizable solutions, are made in America at our secure 100,000 square feet warehouse and manufacturing facility. All products are lab tested per a strict QA/QC protocol, and each bag, pail, or tote is stamped with a QA/QC number, and samples are retained for two years. All products are proprietary, patented, and are trade secrets.

Drawing on our formidable experience throughout the world, M&D’s technicians can provide field support as well as training to operators. Through our partner network, we also provide testing services.Please contact us to learn more.

M&D Industries Drilling mud Company

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13 Valence Drilling Fluids Company


Website : https://valencedf.com/

Valence Drilling Fluids, LLC began operations on October 1, 2017 in the Mid-Continent. While the company is new to the industry, the staff is comprised of some of the most seasoned industry veterans with over 200 years of combined experience . Valence Drilling Fluids is dedicated to providing customers with revolutionary drilling fluids products, as well as exceptional field services.

The mission of Valence Drilling Fluids, LLC is to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, high-quality products, reliable field service, and overall exceptional customer service. Our company believes in providing customers with quality products and services that fit their specific needs. We are focused on providing services with integrity, honesty, and respect for our customers and ourselves. Our goal is to become the go-to name in the drilling fluids industry by providing the highest quality of customer service.

Key Services

  • Drilling Fluid Products,
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Customized Drilling Fluid
  • Engineering Services
  • Completion Fluids
  • Solid Control

Valence Drilling Fluids, LLC currently has a liquid mud storage facility in Kingfisher, OK. The company is in the process of expanding that facility in order to provide our customers with more options for both water and oil based liquid mud. Valence Drilling Fluids can provide full drilling fluid services in all the major basins. The company also has a laboratory in Chickasha, Ok that can provide an array of testing services for their customers along with developing new technology.

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14 Kraton Company


Website: https://www.kraton.com

Kraton offers a unique combination of both pine chemicals and specialty polymer products for oil and synthetic-based drilling fluid systems. Leveraging this broad portfolio and our commitment to customer collaboration, Kraton is motivated to bring the next generation of value-added sustainable solutions to the market.


As the world’s largest manufacturer of pine chemicals, Kraton delivers quality solutions to the market for over 50 years.  We manufacture crude tall oil, distilled tall oil, tall oil fatty acids, dimer, and trimer acids for use as intermediates for emulsifiers and rheology modifiers in drilling fluids.


  • SYLFAT™ tall oil fatty acids
  • UNIDYME™ dimer acids
  • SYLVATAL™ distilled tall oils
  • SYLVABLEND™ heads and specialty blends


Kraton styrenic block copolymers (SBC) are uniquely suited for oil and synthetic-based fluids through nano-scale micellar technology.   These products have demonstrated value in barite sag mitigation, rheology modification, and fluid loss performance.

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15 BCS Company

BCS Drilling mud Company

Website: https://boreholecontrol.com/

Leading the Way in Drilling Fluid Technology

While some drilling fluids companies simply provide drilling fluid products, BCS Fluids, LLC (BCS) provides solutions.

We offer a full line of standard and proprietary drilling fluids, additives, and other related products, as well as custom-engineered technologies to solve complex drilling fluid challenges along the US Gulf Coast and in all major plays in the United States.

Our service offerings compliment our suite of products, providing customers with cost-effective drilling fluids solutions for the duration of the project.

Still, BCS is more than just a drilling fluids company or provider. We take great pride in building trusted relationships with our customers by delivering the right solution, to solve complex challenges.

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16 ChemFor Drilling Mud Company



Website: https://www.chemfor.com/

CHEMFOR is a young, energetic and flexible drilling fluids company that supplies products and services to a variety of clients. We primarily service the oil and gas, geothermal, and salt drilling industries, but our expertise has also proven valuable in other operations such as HDD, civil works, and wastewater treatment.

CHEMFOR takes pride in being a highly flexible, solutions-driven, and professional service company. Through our large network of suppliers and strategic partnerships, we can offer a complete line of services at a very competitive price. No strings attached.

CHEMFOR was founded in 2015 in France and emerged from one of the world’s leading drilling fluids companies. After a very successful first year, an additional office was set up in The Netherlands in late 2016; CHEMFOR HOLLAND B.V.

And while the company is new, the team behind it is a group of experienced oil field professionals with an extensive working history and a can-do attitude.

We don’t deliver just products. We bring solutions.

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17 Hamilton Technologies Limited


Hamilton Technologies Limited

Website: https://hamiltontechnologies.com/

Our specialties in drilling include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mud Engineering/drilling Support Services
  • Drilling And Completion Fluids
  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Bulk Methanol Supply Services
  • Logistics And Allied Services
  • Production and Treating Chemical


Hamilton Technologies Limited has over the years gained cogent onshore and offshore experience in Drilling Fluids Services. Hamilton’s in-country infrastructure is well set up to service Deepwater Projects. Hamilton Technologies drilling fluids company is also the major provider of Bulk Methanol for the major IOCs in Nigeria.

Nigerian Content

Hamilton Technologies Ltd is a 100% indigenous company. The board of directors, management team, and personnel are all Nigerians. The project location and procurement centers are all domiciled in Nigeria. All engineering designs and fabrication are carried out in Nigeria. Our financial institutions are Nigerian-based.

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18 Dynamic Drilling Mud Company

Unites States

Dynamic Drilling mud company

Website: https://www.ddfluids.net/

Dynamic Drilling Fluids was formed in 2008 by Ray Gibson and Jason Ferguson. Combined, they provide over 50 years of drilling fluids experience. By hand-selecting top-rate engineers to bring aboard, Dynamic Drilling Fluids amplified the experience level, offering well specific engineering proficiency..

Dynamic Drilling Fluids is the premier provider of drilling fluids, specialty additives, and engineering services in the Gulf Coast and the Permian Basin.


We provide the following products and services:

  • Premium Drilling Fluids
  • Specialty Additives
  • Engineering Services

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19 Ingevity Drilling Fluid Company

United States

Website: https://www.ingevity.com/markets/oilfield/well-service-additives/

Ingevity co products

Ingevity provides specialty chemicals, high-performance carbon materials and engineered polymers that purify, protect and enhance the world around us. Through a team of talented and experienced people, Ingevity develops, manufactures, and brings to market products and processes that help customers solve complex problems. These products are used in a variety of demanding applications, including asphalt paving, oil exploration and production, agrochemicals, adhesives, lubricants, publication inks, coatings, elastomers, bioplastics, and automotive components that reduce gasoline vapor emissions. Headquartered in North Charleston, South Carolina, Ingevity operates from 25 locations around the world and employs approximately 1,850 people.

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20 Viking Drilling Fluid Company

Turkish | Middle Eastern | North African | European markets

Viking co

Website: https://www.viking-intl.com/Viking-intl/

Viking International provides Drilling Fluids services with proven quality since 2010, Drilling Fluids team has designed and applied solutions for more than 200 Oil & Gas and 60 Geothermal wells projects in Turkey. We have a track record of long-term customer satisfaction with our expertise and operational capabilities to adapting varying needs. Viking Drilling Fluids team has maintained a long-term operational relationship with numerous Oil & Gas and Geothermal Energy operators thanks to its approach to setting higher standards to oilfields. So far, the solutions offered provided observable advancements for the operations of our clients. Nevertheless, Viking always carries the performance to the next step with research and development activities to minimize effects on the environment, risks, and costs.

“Mud Engineer” is the name given to an oil field service company individual who is charged with maintaining a drilling fluid or completion fluid system on an oil and/or gas drilling rig. This individual typically works for the drilling fluids company and is specifically trained in drilling fluid technology and drilling chemicals.

Anticipate and determine how specific or combinations of drilling fluid products will behave in the downhole environment as part of the mud program.

  • Prepare mud programs.
  • On-site engineering services for drilling and well completion fluids.
  • Deliver drilling fluid products to the client’s location.
  • Optimize drilling performance and minimize the risk associated with fluids-related problems.
  • Monitor solids control systems.
  • Pressure control.
  • The cost of drilling fluid is typically about 10% (may vary greatly) of the total cost of drilling a well.

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21 Impact Drilling Fluids Company

Asia Pacific | Saudi Arabia | Canada | Kuwait

Impact Drilling

Website: https://impact-fluids.com/oilfield-additives-insights-and-experience/

The Impact Fluid Solutions team brings extensive engineering and operational experience in drilling, completions, and production. That deep oilfield insight enables us to identify unmet needs, develop products that address real challenges, and provide expert on-site customer support. The impact is a trusted and dependable partner to both operators and service companies, working hand in hand with customers to ensure our oilfield additives meet their needs and deliver maximum efficiency.

Impact Drilling Fluids Company
Impact Drilling Fluids Company

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22 Professional Drilling Fluid Company

Professional Drilling

Website: https://professionalfluid.com/


Since 1999, Professional Fluid Services has worked shoulder to shoulder with operators and technology providers to clearly define drilling fluid scenarios, identify operational gaps, and custom-tailor technologies designed for a full spectrum of applications. Utilizing extensive knowledge in the foundations of drilling, workover, and completion operations, we craft efficient, cost-effective solutions that minimize lost time and increase operational effectiveness throughout the life of your well. In addition to our suite of innovative drilling fluid products, Professional Fluid Services also offers the services of our experienced technicians, who can provide field support, operator training, and testing services.

PFS’s line of products, which include additives, cement spacers, sealants, and other high-tech, customizable solutions, are made in America at our secure warehouse and manufacturing facility. All products are lab tested per a strict QA/QC protocol, and each bag, pail, or tote is stamped with a QA/QC number, and samples are retained for two years. All products are proprietary, patented, and are trade secrets.

Drawing on our formidable experience throughout the world, PFS’s technicians can provide field support as well as training to operators. Through our partner network, we also provide testing services.Please contact us to learn more.


Contact Professional Drilling Fluid Company

Professional Drilling Fluid Company

23 Brenntag Drilling Mud Company


Brenntag Drilling mud Company

Website: https://www.brenntag.com/

Brenntag Polska offers a full range of additives for drilling fluids and cement grouts which increase efficiency, lower costs and minimize the health and safety impact. We constantly develop our additives so that they are able to meet the most stringent requirements, including HTHP.

Our company is the largest distributor of additives for drilling fluids in Poland, from simple products to highly specialized ones. We also offer customized solutions and products, which include designing and preparing packer fluids, acid-treatment (inhibited) mixtures, and designing drilling fluids.


  • Thickeners
  • Filtration control
  • Weighting agents
  • Fluid loss control agents
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Lubricants
  • Deflocculants
  • Clay swelling inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Defoamers
  • Surfactants
  • Hydrogen sulphide and oxygen scavengers
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Functional additives

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24 RichTerra Drilling Mud Company

Canada | India | USA


Website: http://www.richterra.com/drilling-fluids/

In Oil & Gas, RichTerra Energy Services Co (RESCO) provides Well Construction Engineering and Planning, Contract Drilling, Directional Drilling, Wireline Services, Geological Services, Seismic, and Drilling Equipment Rental Services.

For the Mining industry, we provide drilling services, mine planning & construction engineering services, and mineral exploitation and mine safety services.

In 2012 RichTerra Corp diversified its operations and expanded its services in the offshore oil industry by providing Helicopter Transportation Services, Canteen/Catering Services & Offshore Logistics.

RichTerra ventured into the Power EPC business of generation, transmission, and distribution in 2014. As an emerging Power & EPC company, RTC is currently involved in rural and city Electrical Transmission & Distribution work in India has collaborated with some of the major T&D Companies and Electrical Equipment Manufacturers from China and Canada.

In 2013, RichTerra formed a strategic alliance with Daqing Jingtai Drilling Services Company to provide integrated drilling services in the Asian and African markets, through Daqing RichTerra Energy Service Co (DRESCO).

In 2013 RichTerra also decided to expand its business in the OCTG sector and formed an alliance with one of the largest manufacturers of OCTG products in China. The collaboration with Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd. opens the doors for RichTerra Corp to provide a complete line of superior quality OCTG products to Asian & African oil and gas industry.

While RichTerra Corp continues to penetrate new markets with its integrated service offerings, the focus remains the same — to provide unparalleled customer service by focusing on safety, reliability, and performance.

RichTerra Fluid Engineering Division (RFED) is your trusted partner in mud engineering and drilling fluids supply. We have our own proprietary mud systems and we also use high-quality Canadian and American drilling fluid systems. RichTerra offers versatile alternatives for drilling companies and operators through our Fluids and Environmental Division.

We employ some of the most experienced professionals with proven, verified field experience for the job and the type of reservoir you are planning to exploit, and the zones you will be drilling through.  Additionally, we work directly in coordination with the drilling engineering team of clients providing them flexibility and control during the operation with daily reporting and feedback.

With a vast assortment of available proven technology and a reliable, proven knowledge base, RichTerra offers a large selection of qualified, experienced & certified professionals with land-based, inland barge, shelf and deep-water operations experience.

  • Drilling Fluid Engineers
  • Completion Fluid Engineers
  • Geothermal Engineers
  • Compliance Engineers
  • Mud Plant Coordinators

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RichTerra contact

25 Global Drilling Fluids And Chemicals Limited Company


Global Drilling Fluids And Chemicals Limited Company

Website: http://www.globaldrillchem.com/

“To be the single source and total solution Provider of Drilling  Fluids and Mud drilling chemicals for the Oil Drilling and Exploration and Mining  Industry. Ensuring the development, manufacture, and supply of the Highest Quality and most environmentally friendly chemicals. To be the benchmark for Quality, Reliability and ensure timely deliveries worldwide “

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited is the Single Largest Manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals For Oilfield and Mining Applications based out of India. Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited went into commercial production in 1990. Corporate Offices are located in New Delhi NCR and Eight Independent Manufacturing Units located in Various Parts of the Country and Two State of Art R&D and testing Facilities makes us one of the most Diverse Manufacturers of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals worldwide. We deal in oil drilling fluids, oil drilling chemicals, drilling chemicals, mud chemicals, oilfield chemicals, and drilling fluid as the largest manufacturer and supplier in India.

The Company’s product and Services Include:

  • Drilling Fluids and Specialty Chemicals for Oilfield and Mining applications
  • Mud Chemicals and workover/completion fluid
  • Chemicals for well stimulation. Production chemicals and general utility chemicals.
  • Testing Services for Drilling and Other Chemicals, Oils and Fuels
  • Onsite Testing Facilities and Environmental testing
  • Manufacture Supply and Commissioning of Complete Mud Services Laboratories
  • Rental and Sales of Filtration Units and Portable Mud Laboratories
  • Mud Filtration and Waste Management Services

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