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collapsed casing stuck

Collapsed Casing / Tubing Stuck Pipe

Casing collapses either if pressure conditions exceed its original rated collapse pressure or the original collapse pressure rating of the casing is no longer valid due to casing wear and/or corrosion. Casing wear due to friction or corrosion decreases the effective collapse pressure rating of the casing, through decreased wall thickness. Collapse is often discovered when the Bottom Hole Assembly BHA is run into the hole and hangs up inside the casing.

When Collapsed Casing can occur:

How To prevent Collapsed Casing Pipe Stuck

  • Avoid casing wear, refer to casing wear guidelines.
  • Good cementing practices should be used.
  • Cement to surface or as high as possible.
  • Use corrosion inhibitors in fluids.

Indicators For Collapsed Casing

  • Drill String hangs up when RIH.
  • Caliper log shows collapsed casing.

Freeing Stuck Pipe From Collapsed Casing

  • Jar out of the hole if possible.
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