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Baroid IDP company is one of Halliburton’s oil and gas Companies, which specializes in providing drilling mud products & services. In addition, Halliburton Baroid industrial drilling fluid products are considered to be the top list of mud chemicals in the oilfield market. Our article will cover their Baroid products and download their datasheets, manual, handbook & calculators. We believe that you may want to read more about the drilling data handbook.

Baroid Drilling Mud Products

Like all the oilfield drilling fluid companies, Baroid classified their industrial drilling mud/fluids products according to their functions & applications as follows:

  • Alkalinity Agents
  • Bentonite
  • Filtration Control
  • Foaming Agents
  • Lost Circulation Materials
  • Lubricants
  • Shale/Clay Stabilizers
  • Slurry Modification and Disposal
  • Thinners/Dispersants
  • Viscosfiers
  • Wetting Agents

The table below shows all Baroid drilling fluid products, their primary function & descriptions. To make it easy for you to read more about a particular product, we recommend downloading the Baroid drilling fluid handbook, which will be given in the next section of this article.

ProductPrimary FunctionDescription
AK-70Filtration Control AgentBlend of air-blown asphalt and clay with an
anticaking agent
AKTAFLO-EEmulsifierOxyethylated alkyl phenol
AKTAFLO-SSurfactantOxyethylated alkyl phenol
ALDACIDE GMicrobiocideGlutaraldehyde solution
AQUAGELViscosifierTreated sodium montmorillonite
AQUAGEL GOLD SEALViscosifierSodium montmorillonite
BARA-DEFOAM 1DefoamerBlend of high molecular weight alcohol and
modified fatty acid derivatives
BARA-DEFOAM HPDefoamerPolypropylene glycol
BARA-DEFOAM W300DefoamerBlend of high molecular weight alcohol and
modified fatty acid derivatives
BARABLOK/ BARABLOK 400Filtration Control AgentPowdered hydrocarbon resin (asphaltite)
BARABRINE DEFOAMDefoamerLiquid blend of nonionic surfactants
BARABRINE SIScale InhibitorWater soluble liquid
BARABUFpH StabilizerAlkaline material
BARACARBBridging AgentSized calcium carbonate
BARACATFiltration Control AgentHigh-charge density cationic polymer
BARACHEKShale Control AgentCellulosic polymer
BARACOR 44Hydrogen Sulfide ScavengerPowdered zinc compound
BARACOR 95Alkalinity Control AgentLiquid amine compound
BARACOR 100Corrosion InhibitorHighly active, film forming, water-dispersible
corrosion inhibitor
BARACOR 129Hydrogen Sulfide/Oxygen
Blend of inorganic zinc and sulfite compounds
BARACOR 450Corrosion InhibitorThiocyanate based inorganic compound
BARACOR 700Corrosion InhibitorBlend of phosphonates and alkyl phosphates
BARACOR 1635Corrosion InhibitorPowdered sodium nitrite
BARACTIVEPolar ActivatorGlycerol
BARAFILMCorrosion InhibitorAminated fatty acid
BARAFLOCFlocculantPartially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide
BARAFOAMFoaming AgentSodium alpha olefin sulfonate
BARAFOSThinnerModified sodium polyphosphate
BARAKLEANDegreaserBlend of water-soluble surface active agents
BARAKLEAN FLCasing WashBlend of selected surfactants in an alcohol carrier fluid
BARAKLEAN NSCasing WashSurfactant mixture with a complexing agent
BARANEXFiltration Control AgentModified lignin powder
BARAPAKSuspension AgentOil-soluble polymer
BARAPLUGBridging AgentSized and treated salts
BARARESINBridging AgentOil-soluble petroleum hydrocarbon resin
BARARESIN-VISViscosifierOil-soluble viscosifier in hydrocarbon
BARASCAV DOxygen ScavengerPowdered sodium sulfite
BARASCAV LOxygen ScavengerConcentrated liquid solution of ammonium
BARASCRUBCasing WashTerpene derived surfactant
BARAVISViscosifierNonionic hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC)
BARAZAN D PLUS for drillingSuspension Agent /ViscosifierPowdered dispersant-added biopolymer
(xantham gum)
BARAZAN D PLUS for completionSuspension Agent /ViscosifierPowdered dispersant-added biopolymer
(xantham gum)
BARAZAN PLUS for drillingSuspension Agent /ViscosifierPowdered biopolymer (xantham gum)
BARAZAN PLUS for completionSuspension Agent /ViscosifierPowdered biopolymer (xantham gum)
BARO-LUBELubricantBlend of surfactants and lubricants
BARO-LUBE GOLD SEALLubricantBlend of surfactants and lubricants
BARO-SEALLost Circulation MaterialCombination of granules, flakes, and fibers
BARO-SPOTSpotting FluidBlend of anionic surfactants
BARO-TROLShale StabilizerSulfonated asphalt
BARODENSEWeighting AgentGround hematite
BAROFIBRESeepage Loss AdditiveFibrous cellulosic material
BAROIDWeighting AgentGround barium sulfate
BAROID Oil AbsorbentOil AbsorbentGranular calcined attapulgite clay
BAROID RIG WASHDegreaserBlend of water-soluble surface active agents
BROMI-VISLiquid ViscosifierLiquid dispersion of activated HEC in a water
soluble carrier
BXRBorehole StabilizerBlend of dispersible asphalt and a
hydrocarbon resin (asphaltite)
BXR-LBorehole StabilizerDispersible asphalt and hydrocarbon resin
(asphaltite) dispersed in glycerol, polyglycerols, and polypropylene glycol
CARBONOXFiltration Control AgentPowdered leonardite
CAT-300Filtration Control AgentModified starch
CAT-GELBridging AgentKaolinite clay
CAT-HIFiltration Control AgentModified cellulosic polymer
CAT-LOFiltration Control AgentModified cellulosic polymer
CAT-VISViscosifierPowdered biopolymer (welan gum)
CC-16Filtration Control AgentCausticized powdered leonardite
CELLEXFiltration Control AgentSodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)
CELLEX HVFiltration Control AgentSodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)
CLAYSEALShale StabilizerLow molecular weight amphoteric compound
CLAYSEAL PLUSShale StabilizerLow molecular weight amphoteric compound
CON DETWetting AgentBlend of water-soluble anionic surfactants
DEEP-TREATWetting Agent/ThinnerSulfonate sodium salt
DEXTRIDFiltration Control AgentModified and bacterially stabilized potato
DEXTRID LTFiltration Control AgentModified potato starch
DEXTRID LTEFiltration Control AgentModified potato starch
DRILFOAMFoaming AgentBlend of sulfated ethoxylated alcohols
DRIL-N-SLIDELubricant/ROP EnhancerBlend of organics
DRILTREATOil Wetting AgentLecithin liquid dispersion
DURATONE EFiltration Control AgentOrganophilic lignite
DURATONE HTFiltration Control AgentOrganophilic leonardite
DURENEX PLUSFiltration Control AgentPowered, sulfonated polymer
ENVIRO-SPOTSpotting FluidConcentrated blend of emulsifiers, lubricants,
and viscosifiers
ENVIRO-THINThinnerChrome-free iron lignosulfonate
ENVIRO-TORQLubricantBlend of modified fatty acids and emulsifiers
EP MUDLUBEExtreme Pressure LubricantModified tall fatty acid
EZ-COREIn-situ EmulsifierRefined tall oil fatty acid
EZ-MUDShale StabilizerPartially hydrolyzed
polyacrylamide/polyacrylate (PHPA)
copolymer emulsion
EZ-MUD DPShale StabilizerPartially hydrolyzed
polyacrylamide/polyacrylate (PHPA)
copolymer dry powder
EZ MUL NTEmulsifierPolyaminated fatty acid
EZ MUL NTEEmulsifierPolyaminated tall oil in an ester carrier
FILTER-CHEKFiltration Control AgentModified starch
FLO-CLEAN MDFlocculant/Wellbore Cleaner
for Non-zinc Completion Brines
Proprietary ingredient
FLO-CLEAN ZFlocculant/Wellbore Cleaner
for Zinc Completion Brines
Proprietary ingredient
GELTONEViscosifierOrganophilic clay
GELTONE IIViscosifierOrganophilic clay
GELTONE IVViscosifierPolymer-treated organophilic clay
GELTONE VViscosifierOrganophilic clay
GEM 2000Shale StabilizerBlend of glycerol, polyglycerols, and polyglycols
GEM CPShale StabilizerPolyalkylene glycol
GEM CTShale stabilizerPolyalkylene glycol
GEM GPShale StabilizerPolyalkylene glycol
HY-SEALLost Circulation MaterialShredded cellulosic fiber
IMPERMEXFiltration Control AgentPregelatinized cornstarch
INVERMUL NTEmulsifierBlend of oxidized tall oil and polyaminated
fatty acid
JELFLAKELost Circulation MaterialShredded cellophane
K-LIGThinnerPotassium leonardite
LE MULEmulsion StabilizerBlend of oxidized tall oil and polyaminated
fatty acid
LE SUPERMULEmulsifierPolyaminated fatty acid
LE THINInvert Emulsion ThinnerPolyimide surfactant
LE VISViscosifierProprietary additive
LIGNOXThinnerCopolymer of calcium lignosulfonate and
acrylic acid
LIQUI-DRILROP EhancerFormulated blend of surface active agents
LIQUI-VIS EPLiquid ViscosifierHigh purity HEC polymer dispersed in a water
soluble carrier.
LIQUI-VIS NTLiquid ViscosifierHigh purity HEC polymer dispersed in an
inorganic carrier
LOLOSSViscosifierGuar gum
LUBRA-BEADSLubricantDivinyl benzene styrene copolymer beads
MICATEXLost Circulation MaterialGround mica
N-DRILFiltration Control AgentModified starch
N-DRIL HIFiltration Control AgentModified cellulosic polymer
N-DRIL HT PLUSFiltration Control AgentSpecially processed, stabilized nonionic starch
N-DRIL LOFiltration Control AgentModified cellulosic polymer
N-PLEXLost Circulation MaterialLiquid alkaline salt
N-SEALLost Circulation MaterialSpecially formulated extrusion spun mineral
N-SQUEEZELost Circulation MaterialSized cellulose fibers
N-VISViscosifierPolymer, premium quality xanthan product
N-VIS HIViscosifierBaroid Drilling fluids -Mixed metal silicate
N-VIS LViscosifierHighly refined, clarified xanthan biopolymer
N-VIS OViscosifierOrganophilic clay, viscosity and suspension
N-VIS P PLUSViscosifierBlend of xanthan gum with specially
processed, stabilized nonionic starch ether
NO-SULFHydrogen Sulfide ScavengerBlend of zinc compounds
NO BLOK CNon-Emulsifier for Calcium
Completion Fluids
Surface active agents
NO BLOK ZNon-Emulsifier for Zinc
Completion Fluids
Surface active agents
OMCOil Mud ConditionerSodium petroleum sulfonate
OMC 2Oil Mud ConditionerOligomeric fatty acid
OMC 42Oil Mud ConditionerPolyimide surfactant
OXYGONCorrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen
Granular material
PAC-LFiltration Control AgentPolyanionic cellulose
PAC-RFiltration Control AgentHigh molecular weight polyanionic cellulose
PHASE IISpotting FluidBlend of anionic surfactants,
PLUG-GITLost Circulation MaterialProcessed cedar fiber
POLYACFiltration Control AgentSodium polyacrylate
Q-BROXINThinnerFerrochrome lignosulfonate
QUIK-FOAMFoaming AgentProprietary blend of biodegradable alcohol
ethoxy sulfates (AES)
RM-63Rheology ModifierBlend of dimer and trimer fatty acids
RV-310ViscosifierMixed metal silicate
SDIDefoamerOrganosilicone emulsion
STABILITEThinnerPhosphoric acid derivative
STEELSEALLost Circulation AdditiveResilient, angular, dual-composition carbon-
based material
STICK-LESSLubricantSolid glass spherical beads
SUSPENTONESuspension AgentOrganophilic clay
THERMA-CHEKFiltration Control AgentVinyl amide/vinyl sulfonate copolymer
THERMA-CHEK LVFiltration Control AgentVinyl amide/vinyl sulfonate terpolymer
THERMA-THINDeflocculantAnionic acrylic copolymer
THERMA-VISViscosifierSynthetic magnesium silicate
THERMO MULSurfactantBlend of oxidized tall oil and polyaminated
fatty acid
THERMO PLUSSurfactantPolyaminated fatty acid
THERMO TONEFiltration Control AgentMethyl styrene/acrylate copolymer
TORQ-TRIM 22LubricantBlend of emulsifiers and alkaline surfactants
TORQ-TRIM IILubricantBaroid Drilling fluids – Alcohol amide
TORQUE-LESSLubricantSolid glass spherical beads
TRIMULSOEmulsifierBlend of nonionic and anionic surfactants
VIS-PLUSSuspension AgentCarboxylic acid
WALL-NUTLost Circulation MaterialGround walnut shells
X-TEND IIBentonite ExtenderPolyacrylate/polyacrylamide copolymer
X-VISOil Mud Yield ActivatorDimerized fatty acids
ZEOGELViscosifierAttapulgite clay

Halliburton Baroid Industrial Mud Products Datasheets

Baroid has uploaded its drilling fluid chemicals datasheets on its website. We have gathered them according to their functions to quickly download all of them without losing time downloading them one by one.

Download the Halliburton Industrial drilling fluid Products datasheets RAR file:

Mirror 1

download Halliburton Baroid Industrial Mud fluids Products Datasheets PDF

Mirror 2

download Halliburton Baroid Industrial Mud fluids Products Datasheets PDF

We also found a fantastic file containing all Halliburton Baroid drilling mud / fluid products datasheets in one PDF. As you can see in Figure 1, you must search for the product you want (alphabetical order) and click on the blue text to open it.

Baroid chemical products datasheets

Download Halliburton Baroid Drilling Fluid Datasheets PDF

Mirror 1

Download Halliburton Baroid Drilling Fluid Datasheets PDF

Mirror 2

Download Halliburton Baroid Drilling Fluid Datasheets PDF

Baroid Drilling Mud Calculators

Really, these guys are unique. We have also found many calculators on the Baroid drilling Fluids official website that are very helpful for drilling and mud engineers (please check also Drilling fluids calculations)

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) CalculatorMar 2014
Grouting CalculatorMar 2014
Annular Velocity CalculatorMar 2014
HDD General Recommendations & Pullback WorksheetJan 2014
HDD General Recommendations & Pullback Worksheet – MetricJul 2013
BAROTHERM GOLD CalculatorApr 2010
Weight-Up Calculation with BariteApr 2008
General IDP Product UseApr 2008
Miscellaneous FormulasApr 2008
Conversion TableApr 2008
Annular Velocity and Hole CleaningMar 2008
Grouting CalculatorMar 2008
Grouting Calculator – MetricMar 2008
Annular Velocity and Hole Cleaning – MetricMar 2008
HDD General Recommendations & Pullback Worksheet – MetricMar 2008

Download now all Baroid drilling fluids calculators Rar File

download Baroid Drilling Mud Calculators

Halliburton Baroid Drilling Mud / Fluid Handbook PDF

Halliburton Baroid Drilling Mud Handbook PDF

In the Baroid Handbook, you will find that they provide a detailed explanation of drilling fluids properties, tests, additives & everything related to drilling mud. They also provide their datasheets in this handbook.

Download the Halliburton Baroid Drilling Fluid Handbook:

download Halliburton Baroid  Handbook PDF

Ref: Halliburton Baroid Official Website

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