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Generally, the principal version of the Drilling Calculations Data Handbook PDF was distributed in 1950. In over sixty years, the has improved, including loads of new advancements and gear along its eight extra releases. Yet, its key guideline is to stay natural and inviting to clients. In addition, its way of thinking has consistently been to give snappy admittance to the essential data or counts for the workplace or field tasks.

Basically, our essential objective is to choose and feature the most significant information, diagrams, and recipes. The Drilling Data Handbook PDF joins worldwide and field units to assist a more significant part of industry experts from various specialized societies.

Contents :

When To Use This Handbook?

Ideally, the drilling calculations data handbook PDF is very simple to use. Let’s provide you with an example:

  1. Firstly, You can get conversion factors between many units, including specific gravity and API degrees.
  2. Secondly, In the drilling calculations handbook PDF drill string standard section, you can get the following:
    1. API steel grade and properties
    2. API drill pipe list and body and upset geometry
    3. Upset tubing for small-diameter work string
    4. Classification of used drill pipe
    5. Drill pipes inspection standards. Zones and color code
    6. Recommended practice for mill slot and groove method of drill string identification
    7. Geometric characteristics of drill pipes
    8. drill pipe, torsional, collapse, burst pressure data, and tensile data
    9. Drill Collar sizes, weights, rotary torque
    10. Heavy-weight drill pipe Specs
    11. The stretch of suspended drill pipe
  3. Thirdly, you can get the following in Casing, Tubings Pipe Standard Section.
    1. API Casing ListCasing Make-up torqueGeometrical characteristics and mechanical properties of tubing and CasingAPI and buttress casing thread forms. API round threads form. Buttress thread formIn the section of Capacities & Annular Volume – Drilling Data Handbook PDF
    2. Capacities & annular volumes of drill pipes
    3. Capacities & annular volumes of drill collars
    4. Capacities and displacements of casing
    5. Capacities and displacements of tubings
    6. Annular volumes between casing – open hole & any tubular
  4. Fourthly, drilling bits and downhole motors sec of drilling data calculations handbook PDF, you can get
    1. IADC PDC Bit Classification System
    2. IADC Roller cone Bit Classification System
    3. How to use the PDC drill bit and roller bit table
    4. IADC bit dull grading
    5. Positive displacement motors
    6. Performance curves of positive displacement motors
    7. Specifications of positive displacement motors
  5. Cementing section of the drilling data handbook PDF is impressive; it contains the following:
    1. API cement classes and types
    2. API Specifications for cement
    3. Preparation of different types of cement
    4. Cementing additives
    5. Effects of some additives on cement properties
    6. Cementing Calculations

There are also sections about directional drilling, kick control, wellhead, and Pressure losses. They are all useful for all oilfield rig workers.

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