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Drilling Engineer Job Description & Responsibilities

Drilling Engineer Job Description

The drilling engineer Job is one of the important roles in drilling rig. It is not difficult but it become easy with experience. Below we will mention the major drilling engineer job description:

  • Provides control over compliance with the established technology for drilling wells, the quality of drilling, casing and well development.
  • Participates in the development of long-term and current plans for the production of work by the enterprise, determines the most promising directions for improving the technological processes of drilling.
  • Directly supervises individual complex and new technological processes at the work sites, supervises the implementation of the developed technological recommendations for the establishment of rational drilling methods and optimal parameters of drilling modes.
  • Personally conducts briefings to members of the drilling crew involved in complex types of work.
  • Participates in the work of the commission to investigate the causes of accidents and defects in the work performed by the brigade.
  • Draws up operational plans for the production of critical operations (lowering of casing strings and their casing primary cementing, installation of cement bridges, work in case of complications in the wellbore, work with a formation tester, emergency response).
  • Keeps facility-by-facility technological logs (drill string layout, sketches of the drill cutters, sketches and availability of emergency tools at the facility, accounting for the operating time of Bottom Hole Assembly elements, tool measures).
  • Also one of the drilling engineer job description is to maintain technical documentation and makes adjustments in connection with changes in well drilling technology, makes proposals for the rational use of the working time of drilling crews, for the prevention of drilling accidents, complications and rejects in drilling.
  • Participates in experimental work on the development of new equipment and production technology, controls the implementation of approved measures and plans.
  • Participates in the development of measures to increase the commercial drilling rates and reduce the cost of well construction, while not reducing the quality of the work performed.
  • One of the important drilling engineer job description is to analyzes data on the work of drilling crews, drilling equipment, tools, monitors compliance with the rules of technical operation of equipment and tools, drill bits.
  • Monitors the process of opening, possibly, productive horizons, compliance with the design data on the drilling mode, compliance with the parameters of the drilling fluid, the condition of the blowout equipment, the gas turbine pump, compliance with the instructions for work and other regulatory documents.
  • Based on the analysis data, he prepares written reports on a monthly basis, which he submits to the production and technical department of the enterprise.
  • Participates in the preparation of current applications for the logistics of drilling operations, maintains the necessary accounting and reporting.
  • Ensures the execution of orders and orders of the management of the enterprise, execution in a timely manner of orders of representatives of state supervision and other regulatory authorities at work sites.
  • Takes part in the work of the commission for the certification programs “Industrial safety and labor protection” of workers of drilling crews.
  • Supervises the technical condition of blowout equipment and personally conducts training alarms “VYBROS” with the members of the drilling crew, before opening the well of possibly productive horizons specified in the GTN.
  • Fulfills the requirements of the “Supplement” on production control at the enterprise over the state of “Industrial safety and labor protection” during the operation of hazardous production facilities and the “Regulations” on the production control commission of the enterprise.
  • Ensures compliance with the Rules: labor protection, safety, environmental safety and fire safety in the course of work at the facility.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the “Supplement” on production control, it submits written reports on the state of health and safety at work sites in a timely manner.
  • Control over the correctness of compilation of reference collections of rocks, definition of categories of rocks and categories of complexity of areas of work, requirements for accounting and storage of geological materials.
  • Coordination of the activities of subdivisions of the geological (geophysical, hydrogeological) profile
  • Participation in the development and implementation in production of rational complexes of prospecting methods in relation to specific natural and geological conditions of the areas of work.
  • Visits to geological exploration sites for management and control.
  • Coordination of thematic works carried out by the forces of industrial geological organizations or research institutes in the territory of the enterprise.
  • Ensuring timely verification of geological maps based on the generalization and analysis of the results of the geological exploration work performed.
  • Compliance with the established deadlines for the execution of tasks and orders is important one of job description..
  • Compliance with the rules of labor protection, safety and fire safety.
  • Compliance with commercial secrets, the security of official documents and the procedure for working with documents.

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