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Drilling Rig Personnel Organization In Oil & Gas

In general, whatever job you perform on the drilling rig, you will need to know how the drilling process is managed, supervised, and completed. Who is in charge? And who can permit the stopping of operations? Who can authorize you to visit the rig floor (Check also Drilling Rig Components)? What is the drilling rig personnel or crew members organization chart In oil & gas?

The chain of command in a drilling rig is usually filled with personnel or crew of varying degrees of experience. Those at the top have generally had experience in all phases of the drilling rig operations. Those with the least experience are usually found performing specific duties requiring limited training.

The drilling bid proposal will contain many important specifications. Of course, it will usually include the starting date, depth to be drilled (TD), formations to be penetrated, hole sizes, casing sizes, drilling mud program, logging program, casing program, cementing, testing and well completion. A company representative represents the operating oil and gas company on the rig site.

Drilling Rig Crew Organization Chart

Drilling Rig crew Organization chart
Drilling Rig Crew Organization Chart

Rig Supervisor

The company representative or rig supervisor personnel is hired by the operating oil drilling company and is responsible for all phases of drilling operations and for all needed tools and services such as casing, drilling mud, logging, and cementing. Upon arrival at a rig site, contact the company representative first.

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Rig Tool Pusher.

The tool pusher is in charge of the drilling rig and crew members needed in the drilling operations. He generally has good experience in drilling operations and relevant equipment and is the main liaison between the drilling rig company and the operating oil and gas company.

Tool pushers normally start their career life as a roustabout or roughneck and work their way up over time. Nowadays, cyberbase drilling experience is mandatory for a driller to be promoted to a tool pusher.

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He is considered the next highest level of authority on the rig after the tool pusher. Drilling rig Drillers personnel mainly work on shifts and each one is responsible for his shift. The driller operates the controls on the drilling rig floor. He also raises and lowers the drill string, sets the speed, penetration rates, and drilling parameters optimization, operates the mud pumps, and operates the BOP stack as needed. The driller reports directly to the tool pusher.

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Derrick Man

Derrick Man & Drilling oil Rig Crew & personnel Organization Chart
From Drilling Rig Crew Organization Chart

The next man in line under the rig driller is the derrickman. He has enough experience to help or relieve the driller. During a pipe tripping out of the hole, he will work in the drilling derrick or rig mast racking the stands of drill pipe, drill collars, Heavy weight drill pipes & Bottom hole assembly. At other times, he may be servicing the mud and mud equipment.

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Roughneck Personnel In Oil Drilling Rigs.


In general, roughnecks in drilling rigs are the personnel who perform making up and breaking out the joints of the pipe. They also mainly do their work on the rig floor and keep a steady supply of drill pipes to connect to the drill string. They also help maintain & fix other equipment on the rig floor under the supervision of the driller and tool pusher. The roughnecks report to the rig driller. While drilling, one Roughneck is present in the mud process room at all times. He takes mud weights and ensures shale shakers and other machines are working properly. They will help also in the casing running preparation, primary cementing operations, and any other operations on the rig.

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Roustabouts personnel in drilling rig & Drilling Rig Crew Organization Chart

The roustabouts are the drilling crew members who help load and unload equipment for the crane operator. They also clean, repair, and maintain the rig and its systems. They report to the crane operator.

Crane Operator

The crane operator is in charge of the loading and unloading of boats. The pipe rack area is also in the crane operator’s charge, as are the roustabout crews. The crane operator reports directly to the tool pusher.

Subsea engineer Responsibility In Drilling Rig Personnel

The subsea engineer is responsible for maintaining the subsea blowout prevention system. His responsibility also includes the wellhead connection, the BOP stack, BOP control system, the marine riser system, and the motion compensation equipment.

Specialty crewmen.

Some skills are needed on the rig full time. These specialty skills include the motorman, rig mechanic, rig welder, and rig electrician.

Barge engineer

A floating platform and drillship (check also the types of drilling rigs) will have a barge engineer assigned, who is responsible for the stability and ballast of the drilling vessel. The barge engineer must be notified before any heavy equipment is moved or loaded on the rig. He must keep the rotary table in the correct position to continue drilling operations.


The motorman is responsible for the maintenance of the generators & engines. While all members of the rig crew help with major repairs, the motorman does routine preventive maintenance and minor repairs

Drilling Rig Service Specialists Personnel

The operator will contract with special service companies for certain needs. These service crews generally include directional drilling, well loggers, mud suppliers & mud engineers, analysis and treatment, cementing, casing, wireline operations, and others.

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