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As we mentioned in the Rig Audit Article, rig inspection is a necessary process that shall be done from time to time. Especially after the rig moving to a new drilling location. Here we have collected drilling & workover rig inspection & maintenance checklists for onshore and offshore rig components (including jack-up rigs & according to API and Osha recommendations – Check also types of drilling rigs).

rig acceptance

Also, please consider that various items on these checklists are shaded grey. (this is an INDICATION ONLY of items that are LESS safety-critical to check). Therefore, by default, the remaining items are the more safety-critical ones.

The major rig acceptance procedures are as follows:

  1. Prime mover’s acceptance inspection
  2. Cementing unit acceptance inspection
  3. Chock manifold acceptance pressure test
  4. Bop stack acceptance pressure & function tests
  5. Bop control system acceptance
  6. Rig floor, TDS, Drawworks acceptance (also check Top drive in drilling rig)

Checklist For Onshore Rigs According To API & OSHA

Drilling Equipment Checklist

  • Firstly, Hoisting Equipment Group: Drawworks, Rotary Table, Top Drive System, Swivel. Also, Kelly Spinner, Kelly, Kelly Drive Bushing, Crown Block, Traveling Block Hook.
  • Secondly, Drill Floor Equipment Group: Drilling Instrumentation, Drilling Rig Derrick, Casing Stabbing Board, Tuggers And Sheaves Man-Riding Winches., Survey Line.
  • Thirdly, Pipe Handling Equipment Group: Pipe Spinning Wrench, Ezy-Tork, Pipe Handling Equipment, Iron Roughneck. Also, Pipe Racking System, Drill String, Drilling Subs, Fishing Tools, Power Tong, Well Testing Equipment.
  • Fourthly, Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist For Mud System: Mud Pumps, Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaners, Desilter, Desander, Degasser, and Centrifugal Pumps. Also, Mud Agitators, Mud Mixing Systems, Standpipe Manifolds, Rotary Hoses, Bulk Air Systems, Tanks, Centrifuges, and Cementing Units.

Well Control Equipment Checklist

  • Firstly, Ram Type Preventers: Ram Type Preventers, General, Pressure Test All Bop Stack‘s.
  • Secondly, Annular Type Preventers: Annular Preventer, General.
  • Thirdly, Gate Valves (Bop Mounted).
  • Fourthly, Choke Manifold: Choke Manifold, General, Mud-Gas Separator (Poorboy Degasser), Swaco Ultra Choke. Also, Choke Control Units (Swaco & General), Choke Remote Control Panel.
  • Fifthly, Cameron Style Hub Clamps.
  • Sixthly, Bop Handling Equipment: Bridge Crane.
  • Seventhly, Surface Hydraulic Bop Control Unit.
  • Eighthly, Diverter System.

Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist For Power Plant

Diesel Engine, Emergency Generator Set, Air Compressors / Air System Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning Watermaker, and Mobile Crane

Rig Inspection Checklist For Electrical System

Elmago Brake, Main Generators, Main Transformer, Phase Converters (Scr And Variable Frequency Drives), Main Switch Boards, Emergency Switch Boards. Also, Dc Motors, Ac Motors, Motor Control (Mcc’s And Motor Starters), Lighting System (Main), Lighting System (Emergency), Electrical Outlets Cables, and Cable Trays. Also, Batteries Battery Chargers, Alarm Systems, Communication, Electric Welding, Welding Distribution, Earthing, Earth Bounding, Hazardous Areas (Oil Rig Hazards), Miscellaneous Items

HSE Checklist

  • Automatic Fire Detection System, Co/Halon System For Fire Control, Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems, Portable Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Equipment, and Breathing Apparatus.
  • Also, Flammable Gas Detection, Drilling Facilities Safety, First-Aid, and Emergency Procedures Manual. Also, Lifting, Handling, Accommodation, Pollution Control, Housekeeping, General Safety Items, and Work Permits.

Download Workover & Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist For Onshore Rigs

Download API osha drilling Rig Inspection Checklist

Workover & Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist For Offshore Rigs Content

Rig Inspection Checklist For Drilling Equipment And Operations

  • Drilling Mast Equipment includes the mast Raising/Lowering And Rig-Up, Inspection of the mast, Derrickman’s Platform (Monkey Board – Mb). Also, Escape One And Slide, Utility Lines, General Rig Floor, Mast, Skidding Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment which includes the following: Drawworks, Drawworks Brakes, Clutches, Catheads, Drilling Line, Deadline Anchor/Weight Indicator. Also, Crown Protection/Emergency Stop System Ess, Crown Block, Travelling Block And Hook, Stabbing Board
  • Drilling Rig Rotating Equipment Inspection Checklist, which includes the following: Rotary Table (Rt), Driller Control Instruments (DCIS) (Check also Driller Job Descriptions), Iron Roughneck Ir, Pipe Spinner Ps (If Applicable), Drill String Components (Tested As Per Api Rpg), Other Drilling Equipment, Top Drive.
  • Man Riding Winch
  • Tubular Handling includes the following: tubular Lifting Equipment, tongs, and slips.
  • Wireline Logging Equipment
  • Well Control Equipment includes the following: Surface Blowout Preventers Bop, Bop Control System, Diverter System, Choke Manifold, Valves, Kill And Choke Lines And Valves On The Side Outlets, and Other Well Control Equipment.
  • Other Equipment: Air Compressors, Power Generation, More Checks, Fuel Handling, Transfer, Storage, Transport, Loading Hoses

Mud System

  • The General Mud system inspection checklist includes the following: High-Pressure Mud System, General Mud Pumps, Other High-Pressure Equipment, Low-Pressure Mud System, Mud Tank System, Solids Removal Equipment & Degasser, Chemical Mixing & Handling, Cementing System, Brine System, Bulk System.
  • Oil-based Mud Obm (If Applicable) includes: General, Drill Floor Area, Mud & Shaker Area, Personal Protection, Fire Protection, Electrical Earthing, Well Control With OBM.
  • Additional Equipment And Documents Requirements: Contractor, Bsp, Third Party Equipment

Acceptance Of Rig Accommodation, Storage, And Other Areas

Accommodation & storage checklist includes: General, Offices, Living Quarters, Galley, Medical, General, Main Deck, Helideck, Cranes & Fork Lifts, Workshops & Stores, Fuel Storage

Rig Safety Equipment Inspection Checklist

  • HSE Checklists include the following: Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency Shut Down, Personnel Lifts Belts/Baskets, Certificates, Lifting Equipment Certification And Inspection, Pressure Vessels Inspection And Certification, Manuals And Books
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Concerns include: General, Safety Management, Training – General, New Arrivals Introduction, Personnel Accounting, Communications, Contingency/Emergency Planning, Personnel, First Aid.

Download Workover & Drilling Rig Inspection Checklist For Offshore & jack up Rigs

Download checklist drilling #2

Download API / OSHA Rig Acceptance Checklist

Checklist for jack up rig

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