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drill string stuck pipe hole problems

 Drilling Stuck Pipe Course Part I

Stuck Pipe Mechanism

In general Pipe stuck in drilling means that Drill String is not able to rotate, move up or down as we all know that to drill a well you will need a Drill String (Drill Pipe and  Drill Collar) to transmit the produced torsion force & load from surface to the Drilling Bit. The DD and the rig driller direct the well by several parameters the torque, pulling and rotating the drill string.

And this pipe stuck may occur while drilling section, connection time or any operation at which Drill String inside the hole.
The stuck happens on Drill String when    BF + FBHA > MOP

FBHA : The force exerted by the sticking mechanism on the Bottom Hole Assembly BHA
BF, background friction : is the amount of friction force created by the side force in the well.
MOP (Maximum Overpull) : is the max. pull that the derrick, hoisting system, or Drill Pipe can handle, it will be the lowest value of them. And always it is the value related to Drill Pipe.

In other meaning, Drill String got stuck because the force required to move it much bigger than the MOP (Maximum Overpull) you can reach. 

What Is The Effects And Risks Of The Stuck Pipe?

A stuck pipe can cause breaking or loosing a part of the Drill String in the hole.

The results of a stuck pipe are very expensive. They include:
  • Drilling time lost (working on the stuck).
  • Leave the fish in the hole as it is difficult or costly to retrieve it.
 A few concerns must be taken into consideration when working on stuck pipe: 
  • Formation pressure
  • Drilling fluid system
  • The Time (as you must understand that as time runs while working on stuck, the situation become difficult to free the stuck).

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